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The Rose That Grows In My Life’s Garden

The sweet-smelling roses are like the scent of your velvet skin.
The petals are like the soft touch of your warm lips on mine.
The leaves are as an image of your arms, embracing me in your love.
The bright colors of the roses remind me of your beauty
as you light up my life.
The blossoming of the buds are like the beginning of your smile;
it opens and gets more beautiful as it grows.
The movement of the roses in the wind puts a picture in my mind
of how your long, silky hair flows.
The firm stems of roses remind me of how you stand by me
through thick and thin.
The growth of a rose shows me of how my love
wants to grow in your heart.
The strength of the roots makes me realize
how strong my love for you is.
Just at the Roses Grow in My Life’s Garden,
so does your beauty and the beauty of our lives together.

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