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Your Smile

Your special smile
Can mend a heart
I knew its power
From the very start
Its one that’s special
So very unique
One thats humble,
Pure and meek
A smile with finesse
A smile that melts your heart
The smile you possess
Is the smile I love best
Your loving ways,
Your gentle soul,
You eyes of diamonds
And a heart of gold
Its no wonder you smile
As much as you do,
Because if I had your hand,
I’d smile all the time, too.
You’re a very special person,
One definitely formed by God
A woman of such elegance,
Such beauty makes me proud.
But really and truly,
Do I want you to know,
Regardless the outcome,
Until the end shall I not go
You’re one of a kind
Bursting with qualities
No other woman I’ve known
Can say that she owns
In closing, I’ll hold you close
Promising to thank God each day
For out of the pits your smile has brought me
More times than I can say.
All because, it’s your smile.

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