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Can You Hear My Cry

Thinking of you is one thing,

But being with you is more;

And if you take the time and listen,

You’ll hear me knock at your heart’s door;

So can you give me just one chance,

To gain all of your trust;

And I can promise you one thing girl,

It’s true love and not lust;

I want to feel you in my arms,

And keep you safe from harm;

When we’re holding tight together,

You’ll see my love is truly warm;

Please let me into your heart,

So I can give you all my love;

And I knew right from the start,

That you were sent from up above;

Please let me share my life with you,

And show you that I’ll always care;

If you’re ever feeling lonely,

Just call my name and I’ll be there;

I hope you hear my heart’s cry,

And allow me to come on in;

Because I vow to you this one thing,

That my love for you, shall never end.

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