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The Living Dead

At night when you are sleeping,

They’ll seek to find your soul;

And when you think you’re just dreaming,

You’ll suddenly have no control;

They’ll bind your hands and feet,

And you’ll know not what to do;

You’ll struggle and fight them off,

But they’ll never let go of you;

They’ve got you where they want you,

You breathe deep and close your eyes;

And you wish that you were living,

So you’d never hear those goodbyes;

As they take you down through the ground,

You wish that you were dead;

But now they’ve truly¬†got you,

And this is more than just in your head;

You’re living in the real world,

Where everyone will die;

There’s no escaping the power of death,

And no one knows why;

It oftentimes sneaks upon you,

And grabs you from behind;

And just the thought of dying,

Can cause damage to your mind;

You may think this is crazy,

But it’s just a fact of life;

And everyone will soon be gone,

Whether natural, by gun or by a knife;

Dying isn’t an easy thing,

When a loved one is taken away;

And when death passes over,

No one is strong enough to stay;

So when you’re old and sick,

And you’re lying on death’s bed;

Just let yourself relax,

And try not to fight, the living dead.

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