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Until I Rest

As I sit here pondering what my life could be,
I let you go and say good night;
My heart does tighten, my tears do loosen,
Knowing life with you, would be so right;
A long time of suffering, turmoil and fear,
My life has always been;
But a life starting off gazing daily into your eyes,
Would give me life of joy, troubles never again;
A woman of such and all that you are,
Makes a man blessed and secure;
A home a home,
And a happy life that’s so pure;
Your ways are always caring,
And your eyes light the way;
A life of forever goodness,
Smiling each and every day;
Should a day come to pass,
Where you ever feel sorrow;
Please speak out my name,
For my shoulder to borrow;
I’ll hold you close and tightly,
Remembering all the battles I’ve fought;
Thanking my God for this reward,
A life I deserve, I’d never thought;
In time you’ll see your worth,
As I see it from my eyes;
Until that day does come,
I vow to never say goodbye;
You’re one of a kind,
A soul I do desire;
So tonight as I lay my head,
I shall send my prayers up higher;
O Lord should you grant me this blessing,
I shall promise to do my best;
Give me her hand oh Lord,
Happy life I shall show her…until the day I rest.

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