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Death Sweeps Over

The time is now and now has come,
Death will seek you out my son;
For death will seek you far and wide,
In darkness, it will see you hide;
Your time is up and fate will win,
Death will judge you for your sin;
Awakening the gates of the judgment place,
Do not run from fate’s own race;
There’s no place to go
And no place to hide;
Your death is fate,
Its rules, you must abide;
No one walks away from death,
But only takes their one last breath;
Seek you this day, only tears to be shed,
Once death finds you, it will lay your head;
Your days are numbered, no matter if just,
For this life you live, you should not lust;
It’s only for a moment till we all die,
No one knows our purpose, our what’s or why;
Elude you not the work of fate,
For death will never, ever wait;
It seeks the young and the old,
Our destiny is never foretold;
Day by day, death sweeps over looking for a bride,
Breath by breath, you hang onto this life — a mere short ride.

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